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Top Five Easy and Fast Ways to Learn English Today

Top Five Easy and Fast Ways to Learn English Today


Top Five Easy and Fast Ways to Learn English Today


English is the language of international communication and business, speaking the language certainly gives you a lot of advantages. However, learning English can be difficult if you don't have a method in place. We have five quick tips for you that will make learning English easier and more enjoyable!



Make friends with native English-speakers


The best way to learning any new language is to speak it, speaking English with another person is the most effective method of improving it. Find a native English speaker who is willing to spend time speaking English with you or do a language exchange, don't wait till you feel comfortable enough. You have to push yourself out of the comfort zone and just start talking.



Watch movies in English


Most movies are in English and watching a movie in English is a fun way of learning. With all the entertainment services we have nowadays, you can easily find an English movie that comes with subtitle. You may have to concentrate more on listening to the movie and reading the subtitle, but it will get easier and you will find yourself picking up words and phrases very quickly. The more you hear the language, the easier it will be to understand the language.



Read English books


Reading is proven to help improve communication and language development. For example, Obama has cited reading as a method that helps improve his public speaking skill. Reading doesn't have to be a task or take up a big chunk of your time. 10 or 15 minutes a day is great to start with. Choose a book that you enjoy. If you are a beginner, children's books or teenage fiction books are perfect because they are easier to read and the vocabulary required to understand is not as large. You can build up to more complex reading over time.



Practice writing in English


Being able to write in English is important. The only way to get better at writing is to practice it as often as you can. You can start with small writing exercises like writing about your family or pet, and gradually build up the difficulty level. The better you write, the better you will become at constructing sentences in your head.



Don't be afraid to make mistakes


The fear of failure is one of the biggest reasons why people give up on doing or learning something. In the process of learning English, you are bound to make many mistakes when you write and speak. It is normal. Don't feel discouraged or embarrassed and learn from the mistakes. If you are not making mistakes, you aren't really trying!


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