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The importance of language exchange

The importance of language exchange


In the era of globalization, learning a second language is becoming increasingly important, it helps you advance your career and make more friends when you travel. Learning a language and being able to speak it can be challenging, but practising the language you study with a native speaker is the best way to level up your skill at speaking it. Here are the reasons why language exchange can improve your oral skill.



It helps boost your confidence in a more casual setting.


When you are relaxed, you learn things faster. You may find talking a classroom or in a group a bit daunting at first, and that's completely normal. That's why doing a language exchange with a native speaker one on one is a much less intimidating way to practice speaking. Choose a language partner who is patient and willing to correct you when you make a mistake, and you can do the same in return for someone who tries to learn your language. Once you become more confident in speaking to your partner, you will find yourself feeling more comfortable talking in other environments.



It teaches you how to connect to other cultures.


Language is the most direct connection to every culture. When you study a language, you are also studying the culture that associates with it. Understanding a culture can help you communicate better and more respectfully. Your conversation exchange partner is your teacher for their culture, and the best way to foster a connection to the culture. You may even become friends with your language partner and you will grow more appreciation for the language and marvel at the culture. It is a rewarding experience for many years to come too because travelling as a speaker of the local language will open up a new experience and allow you to navigate outside the touristic areas. You may even end up making friends with some local people!



It helps you gain perspective.  


As you learn a new language, you will start to explore the culture and draw comparisons to your own culture. This is great because this will shed lights on aspects of your culture that you may have never considered. Having a language exchange partner will teach you how to have a greater appreciation and more positive feelings for the traditions, religions, arts and history of all cultures including your own. Studies also show that decisions made in your second language are more reason-driven than those made in your native language. So you can talk about events in your life with your partner, and notice how you express yourself linguistically and take in your partner's response. You will feel rational and clear-headed in the conversations, it's magical! 


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