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The benefits of learning from a native speaker

The benefits of learning from a native speaker


There are many ways to advance your second-language learning process like reading books and watching television shows in the language. But the most effective way is to just speak it, ideally with native speakers. Here are the reasons why finding a native speaker is key to advancing your language skills



Use your language skills authentically


When it comes to learning idioms, dialects and slangs in a new language, your native speaker partner makes the best teacher. Once you have a good understanding of the Grammar and a decent vocabulary, it is time for you to learn to speak the language in a more authentic way. Finding a native speaker to practice with exposes you to this side of the language. When you converse with a native speaker, you naturally pick up expressions that you don't come across in textbooks often. It will make you sound more advanced and impressive!



You will understand the culture more


A native speaker is your best tour guide to the culture. Your language comprehension ability increases with your understanding of the culture that comes with the language you learn. For example, you may have watched a scene in a foreign movie before where you couldn't understand the meaning of it even with the translation or subtitle. This is because the cultural context is not always obvious. Finding a native speaker can help you get a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the language, and you will find yourself feeling closer to the culture as you have a deeper understanding. 



The conversations that you will remember are always personal


When you learn a new language, you allow yourself to understand and immerse in another world. But once you enter the gate to learning a new language, how do you enhance your memory of what you learn? The things you remember the most are always things that are personal to you. Your native speaker partner is also your friend. When you converse with a native speaker, you will start to notice the subtle differences in the ways you think and express yourselves. When you start exchanging opinions and thoughts, you are also getting to know each other. These conversations are what will help you remember a word, a sentence and a culture difference. When you practice with your native speaker partner, try to find things that have meanings to you and talk about them, and then ask for your partner's opinions. You will be surprised how much of the conversations you will remember for years to come.



You don't have to study abroad to get opportunities to practice talking to a native speaker. If you are interested in finding a native speaker in the language you learn, you can join us at https://www.languange.com/en/signup for free language exchange. You will start to sound like a native speaker in no time!


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