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The Safest Way and Benefits of Finding Trustworthy Pen Pals

The Safest Way and Benefits of Finding Trustworthy Pen Pals

In our modern day era, with technology and social media taking over our lives, people have begun to forget the joys of writing letters by hand and exchanging envelopes with friends from across the globe. A pen pal or sometimes referred to as a pen friend is a person whom you can regularly exchange handwritten letters to no matter where they are located around the world. Having a pen pal is a great way for people from different countries to connect with people all around the world through the exchange of written letters. Pen pals introduce people to new cultures, new languages, and you end up making new friends.


Pen pals are a lovely way of having interactions with people from different parts of the world, but sometimes a lot of risks and worries would rise that would diminish the positive effects of having friends from around the globe. Below you will find a list of things to keep in mind to ensure safety and trust when planning to have a pen pal.


  1. Respect and kindness are reciprocal:
    There is a common rule in life that the majority of people around the world seem to follow either consciously or unconsciously: that is the rule of respect and kindness. Mainly, if you send a letter to a person using a respectful tone and the letter emits kindness, then basically the letter you will receive back would also be written in the same sense. Everyone in the community of pen pals wants to have a safe environment where they can create new friendships and bonds between people therefore it is easy to find the safety and trust desirable.
  2. Legality:
    To say, “send a letter that is legal” is too broad. The term ‘legal’ does not necessarily mean abiding by the rules of a certain country, but mainly it is the prospect of abiding by the rules of humanity. To explain further: when writing a letter, make sure to avoid any form of bullying, sexual content, and offensive terms and names. People tend to form stronger friendships with people who are respectful, kind, happy, and fun. It is important to stay positive in the letters and give hope in the same way that you wish to receive hope. Following the general norms of a society will go a long way in forming strong pen pal bonds.
  3. Keep it interesting:
    To keep things interesting when having a pen friend is crucially important; if you were to receive letters that are boring in nature; meaning they talk about mundane life without any twists, then you would eventually grow tired of writing back, and things would end abruptly. To elaborate, when writing a letter to your pen pal, make sure that it contains interesting things; adventures you’ve been on, life’s twists and turns, unpredictable things that might have happened with you. All these things go a long way in trying to form bonds and friendships through the form of written language. Therefore, make sure to keep things spiced up and appealing to one’s natural curiosity.


Using the above three tips, one can form a safe haven for pen pal writing and would enjoy the process of sending and receiving hand-written letters. There is no comparison to the joy one receives when doing an act that is reminiscent of the past. With modern day technology, the new generations have lost touch with the joys of the past: sending emails and text messages have eclipsed the unique methods of folding a letter, putting it in an envelope, and mailing it by post. Noting that after years have passed, one can go through past letters and be reminded of the happiness once experienced.


All that aside; having a pen pal is very beneficial; in the words of a blogger named Anna, who shared her experience with pen pals, she stated: “My relationship with having pen pals started in my home country Spain during my Spanish class at school. I remember the teacher asking us to write letters for people who live in England; I began writing letters back and forth to my pen pal from England. I would write the letters in Spanish, and she would answer me back in her native language English. It was a great way for both of us to practice speaking and reading a foreign language. Moreover, the relationship with my pen pal went past just learning the English language perfectly, it was a way to develop a friendship with someone who is located thousands of miles away from me. We would ask each other different kinds of questions about our families, school, friends, culture, food, and life in our country. Also, we would sometimes send pictures of our families, homes, and towns to each other. 10 years later, my pen pal and I remain really close friends, we often travel back and forth to each other and have a face to face conversation”


In the above excerpt, the author brought up two very important features of having a pen pal; having a free language exchange partner is extremely beneficial in learning and acquiring a new language; both people in the paragraph benefited from this process since they mastered a foreign language. To add, both Anna and her pen pal remained friends and progressed their relationship from simple writing buddies, to having face to face interactions with one another.


To conclude, having global pen friends does come with many worries in the beginning, but once the process kicks off, there would be nothing but benefits flowing around from all directions. It is important for a person to try to have a pen pal, take the risk and develop a new kind of relationship. No one knows, it might turn out to be the best thing you have ever done!


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